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Our effective training programs comprise of a series of systematic activities and steps performed to enhance the skills, knowledge, attitude, and behavior while performing a particular task or job. At CyberGenie Cops, the professional team plans and develops the training process in advance, including all the levels in the planning framework. We believe in advancing step-by-step to deliver impactful demonstration and draw the overall development of a candidate. Our training models start from level zero and progress towards a higher level.

The step-wise strategy we follow in Training & Certification Courses –

Right Assessment- Finding out the need of training and the type of training in accordance with present and future demands. It is done to find out and minimize the gap between actual performance and required standard performance.
Objective Framework- On finding out the gaps, the objectives of the training are set based on the skills and qualities needed to be developed.
Designing- It’s a most important step, designing the whole training program in line with the objectives. It includes all action plans, training resources, and more. Outlining instructional design to fabricate the training process.
Timeline and Budget Allocation- Setting a timeline of training, i.e. duration of the completion of the training process. Also, the allocation of the budget, i.e. money to be spent for the entire training program.
Implementation & Delivery- After completion of the previous steps, now it’s time to put the training course in action as planned. It’s the job of the trainer to deliver the process in an effective and interesting way.
Communication & Evaluation- This is the must-to-do task. It is the calculation of the effectiveness delivered throughout the training session through feedbacks. Also, determine the loose segments that could be rectified in a future training session..