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CyberGenie Cops' Employee reference check service works as a great tool for HR professionals in selecting a right candidate for the job. It expedites the recruiting and screening process. Our expert team has designed the traditional standard level open-ended questions to check the in-depth character of the candidate, his/her character, previous work ethics, abilities and more.

As a veteran in this sector, our dedicated staff conducts reference checks for all types of services. Our team conducts reference verification interviews over the phone or in person if required. As a professional reference check company, our methodology is synchronized with the company policies. We aim at providing the 360-degree view of candidate’s history. We cover following areas-

Employment reference checks & verification of dates of previous employment
Employment verification of designation previously held
Comprehensive reference check at different levels
Eligibility status for rehiring
Other reasons for separation
Recommendation for another position

How our reference check service is helpful and why it is important for employers?
In order to confirm, whether the candidate was honest with his/her interview responses and resume, employers have to set some prior check tools before making a job offer. Reference checks help the employers to know the candidates overall prospective - last job performances and other personal abilities. In this way employers can check the integrity of the candidate and decide if he/she can fit in the job with new co-workers.

Our professional investigation team conducts various levels of interviews which include a complete discussion of candidate’s strength and weakness, thus give a clear picture of their performance. We offer a full package of HR Solution to our valuable customers.