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An efficient and managed HR culture of the organization determines the success of the organization. Managing employees and another human resource task in an accurate and effective manner play a pivotal role in the growth of the organization. Whether you have a small sized or big sized industry, an integrated HR Solution is very important.

To get your hands on success in this fast and competitive world opting automated HR solutions is a need of the hour. To enhance the productivity it is necessary to have flexibility in the HR management department to adopt the changing scenario of market strategy. EMS Development Services are the services that make your life easier and simpler. Challenging and time taking jobs like maintaining attendance, leave records, storing personal information of all employees; payrolls and more are administrated effectively under employee management services.

There are many HR and IT integrated HR software solution in the market, but we offer the right combination of HR and IT software that could unify and expedite the entire HR process along with the increase in the productivity of the organization. CyberGenie Cops is one such top-level Software Development Company which provides a total solution for HR necessities and complications.

What we offer in HR Software (EMS)?

Real-Time employee status management system
Flexible and Integrated modules for the HR department to meet demands of any kind of organization.
Complete payroll management software and service.
Setup of as many employee accounts.
Controlled access or employee access to the various information’s like their salaries, leaves and more through integrated web platforms
(Employee Self Service System). Thus, results in greater satisfaction.
Easy and quick access to all records. Easy to find any data.
Highly configurable and timely support.