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Background Verification

Companies conduct background verification checks to get information about their past work history, criminal records, educational credentials, and residential proof. Today, almost every firms runs background checks on candidates before offering the job.
CyberGenie Cops background verification process is a thorough screening of a candidate’s work history, college degrees, academic certificates, legal records, and sometimes credit scores. The process usually takes between 3-10 days. However, it can extend if a company wants to take an in-depth look at your history.

References Checks

A reference check can include several steps. The company could simply verify schedules of employment and job titles, dates of work at college or school and the degree attained.
An specific reference check calls for talking to references to get insight into the applicant's skills, qualifications, and capabilities to do the job.

Undercover Agents Operations:

Each time a company's management suspects that something is merely not right in the workplace, or if there are concerns with employee behavior, an undercover investigator can expose more information than most security systems or CCTVs could ever hope to capture.
Each of our undercover security agents are trained to catch technicalities, build trust, and develop leads that create an improved understanding of the specific situation or the locale. These concealed operatives provide clients with the intelligence they need to address a specific problem, or to determine that concerns were misguided.

Body Guards / Security Guards:

CyberGenie Cops is a specialist security service dedicated to mitigating potential threats, irrespective of type, at the earliest moment and least expensive denominator possible. We have achieved our world-class reputation by our proactive strategy, precise execution, and clever follow-through.
All CyberGenie Cops operational staff are extremely astute, learned, and trained to achieve the greatest requirements possible in multiple systems.

Detective Assignments:

CyberGenie Cops is one of the leading and reputed private investigator company in India. All of us| have our own standards to analyse a certain case based on the facts provided by the clients. Whether it is a missing or absconding case or a personal investigation or corporate project, we excel in providing the apt investigative services required to companies. In the event there is a scam in the company and the person is absconding, we depute professionals from our company first to know the circumstances and then enter into action.

Employee Theft Investigations:

Employee theft is a critical problem for all businesses, large or small. Thefts by employees put in positions of responsibility and trust account for as much as a majority of all items taken from businesses, something that has a massive impact on the bottom collection of company profits.
By the end of the day, we all pay money for the dishonesty of others, whether in the increased price of goods on the traditional, or higher insurance premiums. However, there is merely so much that can be included in a costing structure as a way to stay competitive.

Corporate Intelligence:

CyberGenie Cops Corporate Intelligence benefits in India help customers in distinguishing data and insight that empowers them to settle on educated choices before entering new or obscure markets. Corporate insight is led to distinguish dangers related with outsider business operators, proposed M&A targets, new representatives and other potential targets. It assesses the foundation, uprightness, execution track record of an individual, an administration gathering or corporate element by gathering and breaking down data that is accessible in general society area, subscribed databases and market sources.

Forgery Detection:

Today control of computerized pictures has turned out to be simple because of effective PCs, propelled photograph altering programming bundles and high determination catching gadgets. Checking the respectability of pictures and recognizing hints of altering without requiring additional earlier learning of the picture content or any implanted watermarks is an essential research field. An endeavor is made to review the current improvements in the field of advanced picture phony location and finish list of sources is exhibited on dazzle strategies for fraud identification.

Verification Of Handwriting / Fingerprints:

The degree, to which handwriting might be miss-utilized, is past creative ability and surprising. Unapproved people may sign check of extensive sums, people not approved may issue indents on the archive and cheat may mislead conveyance orders and so forth. To take out every one of these issues we have a group of specialists to get the con artist promptly.
Handwriting analysis covers numerous perspectives; it helps in deciding the composition cheats, signature fakes, mysterious letters and bank check fakes. Since years we are unraveling the secrets that include handwriting examination. With an uncommon group of graphology specialists and all around prepared research center, we create most ideal outcomes as.

It is one of the imperative errand to pick a correct unique mark specialists, unique finger impression inspector or finger impression examiner, who must be prepared, guaranteed, court adequate and experienced with the most recent scientific examination systems. In the event that your case identified with court, police or legitimate issue, at that point choosing the privilege and right penmanship examiner or legal unique mark master is similarly as critical as picking the correct legal advisor or backer, generally there might be odds of negative impact on your case. Effective Expert Opinion will enable you to win your case and spare wastage of time and cash.

Password Recovery:

Password recovery is the process of identifying a lost, destroyed, or otherwise inaccessible password, allowing for the successful decryption of key files. This can be a crucial service to consider when you’ve lost important databases, spreadsheets, documents, and other files due to encryption.
As a leader in cryptography solutions, CyberGenieCops offers experienced password recovery for all types of computer systems. Within days, we can restore missing passwords or decrypt files completely, returning mission-critical systems to their original state.

Securing Mail & Websites:

There are a great many organizations that utilize the mail. Most by far of these have just 'one to a couple' person(s) in charge of mail focus sort operations. Of these a huge number of organizations, there are a large number of vast, complex corporate mail focus operations.
First, SSL is designed to provide point-to-point security, which falls short for Web services because we need end-to-end security, where multiple intermediary nodes could exist between the two endpoints. In a typical Web services environment where XML-based business documents rout through multiple intermediary nodes, it proves difficult for those intermediary nodes to participate in security operations in an integrated fashion.

Mail / I.P Tracking And Monitoring:

Bring visibility to email delivery location: the inbox, spam/bulk folder, or blocked altogether. We save you time and money by alerting you to delivery issues so they can be resolved. By following conveyance to all major ISPs, we appear progressively where and when your messages were conveyed at each ISP. Being hindered by even only one noteworthy ISP can extraordinarily affect an email showcasing effort. Get perceivability into conveyance execution to build income today!

Tracing Business Espionage :

Business Espionage can be named as an endeavor to get access of an association's prized formulas, its administrations and other fundamental information. Such unlawful exercises should be followed as this fundamental data about your business can be utilized for open/private purposes, for example, imparting it to opponents or utilizing it for individual advantage.
In this day and age, working together genuinely and morally is not adequate. One should be shark and forceful, and constantly enthused about enhancing his/her business to score over its rivals. For this, we serve our customers with unlimited thoughts and imaginative procedures that can end up being advantageous for them in tracing business Espionage.

Business Security :

Each business ought to consider the significance of its security. Regularly, private companies do exclude this in the quick 'schedule' since they may trust they aren't focuses, since they are just a little operation. This sort of believing is perilous, and ought to be maintained a strategic distance from.

Important Features:

Be Alert.

Provide proper Lightning.

Take care of you data and limit access.

Always Use Firewalls

Mail-Conversations Investigation :

Malware outbreak types can vary from password recording, boot sector corrupting, website re-directing, to device performance attacks or intentional software corruption infections that can cripple or steal your local data, applications, or operating system. Because Malware comes in many formats, extensive support maintenance is required.One such format is Mal-conversation in which the conversation regarding the victim and the criminal are investigated. From browser webpage delivery to stealth-like application insertions, this intrusive form of attack has been one of the most visible and severe infection problems plaguing computers around the world for many years.

Total Security Plans:

Total Security Plan (TSP) is the business routine with regards to creating and actualizing far reaching hazard administration and security rehearses for a company's whole esteem chain. This business procedure change system tries to make included an incentive for organizations by overseeing security and versatility necessities as center business works instead of as reactionary consumptions. TSM execution includes a careful assessment of key interior and outer partners, conveyance channels, and strategies and systems as far as an association's level of readiness for an assortment of troublesome occasions.