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In order to maintain and safeguard the reputation of the organization, it is rightly recommended to conduct background verification. Whether it is a big or small organization, simply hiring an employee without proper background checks is a threat to any organization. Today, with the increase in the number of fraud cases like inflated salary slips, fake designations, ambiguous academic history, etc.; organizations have realized the importance of performing a regular employment verification check.

So to accelerate the HR process and taking a wise decision while hiring, it is suggested to hire a superior background verification company. Employee background verification companies ensure the right and accurate information regarding the employee who is to be hired. Background Verification Company’s conducts cross checks and evaluate complete past of the employee. It includes identity check, education check, employment history check, credit history check, medical history, financial history and criminal history check and more.

Here at CyberGenie Cops, we offer complete employee background screening. Our authentic information enables you to take a wise decision in a brief time. We offer –

Credential Check
Resume check
Residential Address check
Reference Check
Identity Check
Employment Background Check
Credit History check
Social Media Check
Criminal Background Check

The advantage of hiring CyberGenie Cops for background verification and screening –

The expert investigation team has years of experience in this field
Transparency on investigation and screening results
Best service and delivery time
The big global network helps in intensive check
Customized verification solution, covers all dimensions
A high-end technology backed process
Proper record collection and data retrieval process
Swift and affordable service